Manners maketh the man as they say and here are a few guidelines regarding the rights and wrongs of posting on the Siege Works Studios forums....


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Welcome to Siege Works Studios Forums and thank you for registering. Below is an etiquette overview of do's and dont's, so that everyone may have a wonderful time!

Gentlemen Gamers:

I think the most important starting point for everyone to reflect on is - we should all be civilised and act like gentlemen. We are here to have fun and share our love of the hobby. Do not say anything online that you would not say to the person standing right beside you. No abusive or out of turn remarks. If that doesn't help restrain you from unpleasantness, pretend the person you are addressing is 6 foot 4 inches and built like a tank!

Disagreeing with others is fine,there is nothing wrong with healthy discussion, but please remember, even if you do not agree with another point of view please respect their right to make their point of view known and behave respectfully towards them. Personal attacks, flaming and trolling will not be tolerated!

Sexist, racist and other equally intolerant remarks will not be tolerated. Be aware that as part of a global community people's backgrounds are very diverse and we are here to share our passion for painting, modelling and gaming not anything else.

Profanity is not acceptable. Do not swear, curse or use clever techniques to get around the profanity filter.

Avoid capitalising words, this is considered "SHOUTING" and is rude and really quite un called for in a wargaming forum!

Please stay on the forum topic, tangents, hijacking topics and personal chatting should be shared elsewhere.

Manners maketh the man and we here at Siege Works Studios like to think of ourselves and the gaming community as a whole as "Gentlemen gamers".


Do not use rude or offensive pictures for your avatar, those that wish to have avatars, keep 'em clean and inoffensive.

Commercial Plugs:

No other commercial advertising is allowed on the forum. This is our forum and we are the only ones allowed to plug products. No exceptions! Other commercial sites, traders and manufactures will not be allowed to promote their wares unless they first receive permission from us to go ahead and do so on the forum. Any infringments will result in an immediate ban. This includes members whom we feel have signed up to expand their customer database. Be warned if you sign up to trumpet your own business, your stay with us will be brief indeed!


For some of us colonists, English is not our first language, Okka is or some other equally unintelligible dialect! :) Nevertheless, despite our eclectic and international backgrounds, English is the language of choice for this forum. We appreciate that some members, from other countries, may have genuine difficulty stringing sentences together and spelling, there is no judgement here, if that is the case. I for one spend most of my time misspelling and stumbling over the alphabet. However, an attempt at using correct spelling and punctuation, use of capitals and so on, is exepected. This is also expected if signatures are used. Signatures must be in English.

L33t or text speak of any variety is not allowed on this forum. Use proper words, ok gov!


We reserve the right to ban members immediately, however a simple system of "three strikes and your out" is usally the rule. After the third warning the recalcitrant will be banned.

Very occasionally a new member can be deleted. We get so many dodgy and suspicious usernames and potential bots with links to dubious websites that I sometimes delete newly registered members with strange usernames or links to doubtful websites. If you have genuinely joined and I delete your account, please accept my sincerest apologies, and email me.

Posts that show a blatant disregard for any of the above guidelines may be deleted immediately by the moderators.

Final Note:

Although this is quite a lot to digest. Its best to get it out of the way now and let everyone know where they stand, so that we can all get on and do what we came here for, which is to have fun and share our passion for painting, modelling, gaming and the history behind our awesome hobby!
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