At it Again - Prussian vs Spanish Battle Report

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At it Again - Prussian vs Spanish Battle Report

Postby Captain General » Tue May 20, 2014 8:53 am

“At it again”
After a layoff of 2 months, the Prussians and the Spanish were at it again. Following is a quick battle report.
Class 1 General + 6 Bdes
Grenadier Bde – 3*Class 6 (12 figures)
2*Musketeer Bde – 3*Class 5 (12 figures)
2*Fusilier Bde – 4*Class 4 (12 figures)
1*Lt Bty
1*Cuirassier Bde – 1*Class 7 (16 figures)
Class 1 General + 7 Bdes
Guard Foot – 3*Class 6 (16 figures) + Lt Bty
3*Fusilier Bde – 4*Class 4 (12 figures)
1*Gd Cavalry – 1*Class 8, 1*Class 7 (8 figures)
1*Hvy Cavalry – 1*Class 5 (8 figures) 1*Class 5 (12 figures)
1*Dragoons – 2*Class 5 (8 figures)
2*Class 4 LC Guilleros (8 figures)
1*Class 3 LI Guilleros (12 figures)

Terrain: Very open with a small village on one side of the field of battle.
Prussians – Deployed in line with Grenadiers in the middle supported by the Fusiliers. Musketeers were deployed to the flanks with the left flank anchored behind the village. The Cuirassiers deployed on the left flank to cover the gap between the village and the gap to the edge of the table.
Spanish - One Fusilier Bde deployed forward to occupy the village while the remainder of the foot deployed back with the Guard foot on the left flank. The Guard Cavalry supported by the Dragoons deployed into the gap beyond the village behind some light cavalry. The other light cavalry and the remaining heavy cavalry deployed out on the left flank of the Spanish line. The light infantry deployed well forward.

Turn 1
The Spanish had the initiative advantage and occupied the village. The Spanish cavalry came forward in line behind the Guerrillos screen. Out on the Spanish left flank, the Guerrillos advanced around the right flank of the Prussian line while the heavy cavalry Bde held on some high ground.
The Prussians advanced with the left flank moving up to the now occupied village. The Cuirassiers tentatively moved forward leaving a gap between the itself and the village.
Turn 2
The Spanish General continued to roll well in initiative forcing the Prussians to move. Concerned about the Spanish Guerrillos moving through the gap into the Prussian rear, the Cuirassiers advanced anchoring on the village. The Spanish light cavalry changed formation and moved off to a flank allowing both Spanish cavalry bdes to manoeuvre into charge distance of the Prussian cuirassiers. Fearing the collapse of the Prussian left flank, the Prussian General diverted the Fusiliers on the left flank to support the Cuirassiers and through shooting, they caused some consternation for the Spanish cavalry. This action however caused a gap to the remainder of the Prussian line and as it advanced, started to bend the line back to the village. On the right flank with the remainder of the Spanish Cavalry as a threat, the other Fusilier Bde advanced as a flank guard with one Bn being despatched to cover the Spanish LC moving into the rear.
The Spanish Heavy Cavalry moved forward to engage the Prussian right while the remainder of the Spanish forced held in place. The cavalry battle involving the Prussian Cuirassiers, the Spanisg Guard Cavalry and the Spanish Dragoons did not go well for the Prussians who lost 12 of the 16 figures and were forced to retreat. The following Spanish exploitation saw two Prussian Fusilier Bdes destroyed through charges in the rear and flank.
Turn 3
With the Prussian left flank now in danger of collapsing, the Prussian General decided to press forward while diverting another 2 Bn to support the Fusiliers. This opened up a large gap in the line which caused the Spanish General to order the infantry advance. The Spanish Light Infantry enjoyed an excellent roll of the dice and destroyed the Prussian light gun. On the Prussian right, the Spanish Hvy Cavalry now entered the fray. The Prussian foot constrained by having both flanks bent only moved forward slowly.
In the melee, the Spanish Cavalry on the Prussian left, continued to mop up destroying another 2 Bns of Prussian Foot. The Prussian right formed square and survived the attentions of the Spanish Hvy Cav losing only 1 Bn but the exploit saw another 2 Bns retreat leaving a relatively fresh Hvy Cavalty Regt in the rear.
Turn 4
Confronted by an advancing Spanish line, Spanish cavalry in the rear, a right flank in square and a left flank that had collapsed, the Prussian General decided that the only salvation available lay in getting the foot (Class 5s and Class 6s) into melee. During the move phase, the Spanish heavy cavalry was able to manoeuvre onto the flanks and rear of the Prussian right. In the centre, the Spanish Guard engaged with the Prussian Grenadiers and two Spanish Bdes of Fusiliers took on the remaining fresh but stretched Prussian Class 5 Bde. In the resulting melee, the Prussians lost the Class 6 Grenadier Bde in rout and the Class 5 Bde on the Prussian right to a rampaging Spanish Hvy Cavalry.
Turn 4 Morale.
The Spanish had 2 cavalry Bdes spent but still in combat and therefore had 2 of 7 for the purposes of calculating morale. [don’t roll a 6] The Prussians had lost Class 6, a Class 5 and a class 4 foot along with the Cuirassier Bde – 4 of 6 [roll a 1 or a 2]. Gavin rolled a 5. A win to the Spanish and another 9 pointer.
We were more than a little rusty on the rules but much fun. A great set of rules.

Hope you have enjoyed the read.
Captain General
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Re: At it Again - Prussian vs Spanish Battle Report

Postby FredericktheGreat » Wed May 28, 2014 7:05 pm

Wonderful Batrep Captain! Those Spanish are sounding very fierce :twisted:
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