War of Austrian Succession 28mm Miniatures

Regale us with tales of fine victories, unit histories, painted troops and elaborate missions during the era of Frederick the Great, but please do not forget to pass the port!

War of Austrian Succession 28mm Miniatures

Postby FredericktheGreat » Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:21 pm


I have just taken over the daily running of Left Bank Studios War of Austrian Succession 28mm range. These are from the ex Jackdaw range. Just in the process of spinning up and organising all the molds. So far there are Royal Scots Colonels, Command, Grenadiers and Musketeers, Austrian Command, Musketeers and Grenadiers, French Mounted Officers, Guard Foot Command, Musketeers and Grenadiers, various French command and Musketeer and Grenadier options and French Cavalry and Dragoons, British Dragoons, Command Grenadiers and Musketeers, Spanish miquelets and loads more. Will let everyone know when this large task is finished :)
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