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Battle of Klitzow 1702

PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2014 2:01 am
by CharlesXII
Put on a scenario for the Battle of Klitzow in 1702 using a combination of La Guerre Du Roi along with some specific variations for the GNW. I have done this scenario before but I took it to one of the bigger local gaming cons in our area. The terrain is kind of involved and the number of figures on the larger size for the Great Northern War but it was visually very pleasing and got a lot of people looking in on it as I set it up. We had five novice players and my friend and I just served as referees. We gave a basic rules explanation and the players were deciding initiative and moving units on their own by the third turn. There were some rookie mistakes made (one player detached an entire Swedish infantry brigade and sent it to his flank because a small party of Cossacks had infiltrated the woods behind him) but otherwise they seemed to have fun. This is an historical scenario and although I have seen the Saxon-Poles win before in this case the quality of the Swedish army took the Saxon-Poles by surprise. Not having played before they failed to mobilize their numerical advantage to compensate for the Swedish qualitative superiority. Their Polish commander seemed reluctant to move and this was critical since the Saxon portion of the army cannot beat the Swedes by themselves. The Swedish right flank cavalry demolished the Saxon cavalry (although they took themselves out of position on an uncontrolled pursuit finally stopped by an impassible swamp) and their infantry outflanked and over came both the Saxon infantry and the stream and chevaux-des-frix protecting their position. We called it after about 10 turns because it was obvious that the Saxon army was about to break. I wish I had taken pictures but unfortunately I did not.

Re: Battle of Klitzow 1702

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 12:03 am
by FredericktheGreat
Wonderful report! I have almost finished Grand Battles Napoleon, just the credits and a few unit images I am waiting on to send to the book designer and all is done. Then it is back to LGDR and also FIW supplements :)