Battle of Punitz 1704

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Battle of Punitz 1704

Postby CharlesXII » Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:19 am

We recreated the battle of Punitz using the initial draft of La Guerre Du Roi. A Saxon rearguard tries to hold out in the remaining hours of daylight against Charles XII and the Swedish advanced guard. Charles elected to attack the mostly infantry force of the Saxons despite their strong position and his own lack of infantry and artillery. While the Swedish cavalry quickly chased away the few Saxon horse and flanked and surrounded the infantry and artillery they could make little headway against the Saxon infantry deployed in squares. One Saxon battalion failed it's charge reaction test and fled right into the path of a Swedish cavalry unit on an uncontrolled charge. It was not pretty. However that very battalion had held a bridge crossing for three turns before the charging Swedes finally panicked it. Saxon canister fire created some big gaps in some Swedish formations. Only the relatively high morale of the Swedish cavalry and the inspired and lucky leadership of Charles XII kept the Swedes going. Nightfall fell within 8 turns and as the Saxons were largely still intact it was ruled a Saxon victory.

This was our first foray into La Guerre du Roi and the overall impression was positive. We look forward to play testing some more.
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Re: Battle of Punitz 1704

Postby FredericktheGreat » Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:43 pm

Great Battle report with many more to follow :)
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