28mm Miniatures

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28mm Miniatures

Postby FredericktheGreat » Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:28 pm

Well I have finished uploading the 1672 and Wargames Factory 28mm figures to the SWS website. These figures can be used for La Guerre Du Roi. I have also uploaded all the Koenig Krieg PDF's and Koenig Krieg, bases, markers and accessories. I am going to have a chat with my spincaster and get the 15mm Koenig krieg figures already sculpted into a production mould and will be adding the 28mm Musket and Tomahawks game and miniatures for the FIW. These figures are also Koenig krieg compatible if you want to play it in 28mm and not 15mm. Still a ways to go before I can launch the website but it coming along nicely. :D
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