Grendel The Miniature

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Grendel The Miniature

Postby SWS_Admin » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:13 pm


Anybody interested in a Grendel Miniature as the Monster for Awakening the Monster scenario, please contact Nic at Eureka Miniatures

I have painted up 7 Miniatures now thanks to Nic at Eureka for the various SAGA tournaments I run and tehy are a beutiful and simple model to paint. I have had to go a load faster and my painting skills are not fabulous but here is a short article on painting the nasty monster :twisted:

First go and buy a model from Nic :)

Spray paint the model any colour you like. I went for Army painter Barbarian Flesh on some and I also used a basic Light Brown on others.


I then block painted any details like eyes, talons, loincloth etc and then used army painter dark tone and then after 24 hours (a recommended time to wait for the quick shade to properly dry) finished off with an Army Painter Anti-Shine Matt spray.


Finally I based and flocked the ground and voila one very nasty looking Grendel :D

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